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Max Capture Seminar
Max Capture: Check Point Packet Capture and Analysis Seminar

This intensive, 4-hour online seminar demonstrates how to perform effective packet captures on a Check Point firewall using the tools fw monitor and tcpdump.  Pros and cons of each tool will be discussed in depth, along with how to use Wireshark to uncover the subtle hints in a packet capture that can lead you to faster problem resolution.

Hour 1:
- Introduction
- What problems can packet captures help solve?
- What packet captures can't do
- Little-known alternatives to packet captures

Hour 2:
- Pros & Cons: fw monitor vs tcpdump
- Comparative use of tcpdump & fw monitor via CLI
- Special use cases favoring one tool over the other

Hour 3:
- Saving pcap files and importing to Wireshark
- Most useful features of Wireshark in the real world
- Beyond the firewall: Using tcpdump/windump elsewhere
- Wireshark demonstration with imported Check Point captures

Hour 4:
- Live packet capture demonstration & open discussion

Please contact us if you are interested in attending this online seminar.