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IPS Immersion Course

Check Point Course Information & Schedule

Check Point Course Quick Info

Physical Class Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm MST
Online Live Class Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm MST

  • Check Point Sec. Administration (CCSA) R80.10
    • Check Point Sec. Engineering (CCSE) R80.10
    • CCSA & CCSE R80.10 5-day Combo (private classes only)
    • Check Point Security Master (CCSM) R80.10  NEW
    Classes designated as ONLINE LIVE are run exclusively online with no physical classroom seats available at the Shadow Peak training facility.

    Why Shadow Peak for Check Point Training?

    • Each student is guaranteed their own set of lab equipment; an 8-student cap ensures a quality learning experience.
    • Our instructor Tim Hall is a published author and has been teaching classes regularly for 14 years, and has over 20 years of Check Point firewall experience.
    • We have a state of the art classroom, see Training Facility for details. 
    • We openly disclose our training prices instead of quoting customers whatever we think they will pay.
    • Multi-student and government/educational discounts are available; contact us for details.
    • Online Live lab equipment is located at the Zayo Data Center facility with redundant power, cooling & Internet connectivity; available bandwidth is 1000Mbps up/down symmetric.
    Check Point Security Administration (CCSA) R80.10

    3 days - $2,895   Click Here to Register

    Today, managing security is a complex endeavor. The key to managing this complexity is through security consolidation - bringing all security protections and functions under one umbrella. With R80.10 management, security consolidation is fully realized. This 3-day, instructor-led course consists of 60% lab exercises and 40% lecture. Students who need to support, install, deploy or administer Check Point Software Blades will learn the skills necessary to work with version R80.10 Check Point Security Administration Management.    More Course Information

    Prerequisites: Basic systems knowledge (Windows and/or Unix) & basic knowledge of networking with TCP/IP.

    CCSA R80.10 Course Dates:
    • April 9-11, 2019  ONLINE LIVE  FULL
    • May 7-9, 2019  ONLINE LIVE

    Check Point Security Engineering (CCSE) R80.10

    3 days - $2,895   Click Here to Register

    Check Point Security Engineering R80.10 is an advanced 3-day course that includes how to effectively build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot Check Point Security systems on the Gaia OS.  This 3-day, instructor-led course consists of 70% lab exercises and 30% lecture.  We will study firewall processes and take a close look at user and kernel processing and Stateful Inspection, Management & Gateway High Availability, and Threat Prevention.  Labs include advanced upgrades to R80.10, manual NAT rules, configuring Security Gateway HA with ClusterXL and VRRP, the Management API, Management HA, Mobile Access with Capsule, basics of SecureXL/CoreXL, Threat Prevention, and the basics of IPS including Geo Protection.  More Course Information

    Prerequisites: CCSA class or equivalent experience plus 6 months (12 months recommended) of hands-on experience managing Check Point products in a production environment.

    CCSE R80.10 Course Dates:

    • April 16-18, 2019  ONLINE LIVE

    CCSA/CCSE R80.10 5-day Combo (Private Classes Only)

    5 days - $4,795/student

    This condensed, 5-day boot-camp version of the CCSA R80.10 class and CCSE R80.10 class is available privately for a minimum of 6 students.  Location options for private class delivery include the following:
    • Classroom-led at Shadow Peak's permanent training facility located in Englewood, Colorado USA.
    • Online delivery of the class via Citrix GoToTraining, with student RDP access to Shadow Peak lab systems.
    • Full onsite delivery at your location with both the instructor and Shadow Peak's lab equipment at your location (additional instructor travel expenses & equipment shipping charges will apply).
    Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in scheduling a private CCSA/CCSE R80.10 5-day Combo class for a minimum of 6 students.
    Check Point Security Master (CCSM) R80.10 v2
    3 days - $2,895  Click Here to Register

    Check Point's most advanced technical 3-day course teaches how to use advanced commands to configure and troubleshoot Check Point Security Systems.  Multiple hands-on lab exercises teach how to bring optimization techniques back to your workplace.  Topics include SecureXL template & CoreXL optimization, VPN troubleshooting, ClusterXL performance analysis & optimization,  IPS tuning, route-based VPNs, and the basics of IPv6 setup on Check Point. 
    More Course Information

    CCSE class or equivalent experience plus at least 1 year of hands-on experience managing Check Point products in a production environment.

    CCSM Course Dates:
    • March 26-28, 2019  ONLINE LIVE  4 seats remaining