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IPS Immersion Course

Online Live Check Point Classes

Shadow Peak offers select Check Point classes online via Citrix GoToTraining.  These are live classes with our instructor Tim Hall providing the lecture portion of the class and assisting students with lab exercises remotely as needed.

The same high end VMWare lab systems used for our classroom-led courses are accessed by remote students via Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP); each system consists of a dedicated i7 quad-core workstation with 32GB of RAM and an SSD.  Online Live lab equipment is located at the Zayo Data Center facility with redundant power, cooling & Internet connectivity; available bandwidth is 100Mbps up/down symmetric.

Technical requirements for attending an online live class:

    • Headset with microphone
    • Ability to initiate an RDP connection (Windows preferred but Macintosh OK)
    • Minimum 1.5 Mbit of Internet bandwidth
    • Ability to initiate a connection to the Internet on TCP ports 61431-61439
    • Ability to run Citrix GoToTraining (very similar to GoToMeeting)
    • Because the courseware is viewed electronically, a dual-monitor setup is strongly recommended
    • Online Live class hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).
Classes marked as ONLINE LIVE on our Check Point Courses page are conducted exclusively online; no physical classroom seats will be available at the Shadow Peak training facility for that class.